City 16 is a role play city built in the wastelands. It is a war torn city, the product of Shadow Labs failed experiments. A few resistance members use underground tunnels to help citizens escape the city from... them. Most of the buildings have been blown from the middle, causing the tops to usually collapse other builds forming a chain reaction. The resistance has one building in particular guarded and well protected, not to mention the massive armory in it. They have several Metrocops stationed around the city, hunting down citizens. Most of them have been relocated to dig underground for the resistance bases, but extremely rarely a squad will climb a building and topple it.


Project: Knight was Shadow Labs first attempt to create a robo-cop, aka "Knights." They all turned against Shadow Employees, killing everybody and escaping to City 16. They have several types, such as the Brutes, Snipers, Overwatch, Metrocops, and there newest class, Hunters. There specialized bombs, F5-25s, can cause extreme damage. The Citadel, City 16's main station, was torn to pieces with only one bomb. Survivors: None.