Available In

Alpha 1.0.0
Type of Block Solid Block
Stackable? Yes (Max 64) Must be same type
Tool Used [1][2]
Data Values Hex:

Wooden Stairs: 35 Cobblestone Stairs: 43 Brick Stairs: 6C Stone Brick Stairs: 6D Nether Brick Stairs: 72 Dec: Wooden Stairs: 53 Cobblestone Stairs: 67 Brick Stairs: 108 Stone Brick Stairs: 109 Nether Brick Stairs: 114

Obeys Physics? [3]
Luminosity [4]
Transparency [5]

Stairs are blocks that allow the player to change elevation without jumping. Stairs will naturally occur in NPC Villages and in the Nether. Cobblestone stairs are located in front of doors while wooden stairs are located inside houses, forming chair-like structures, and on roofs, forming a roof-like structures.


Stairs can be made from six wooden planks, six cobblestone, six bricks, six Stone Bricks or six Nether Bricks, producing four stairs per craft. Upon destroying the block after placement, it will yield only one of the original material.




  • Brick Stairs, Stone Brick Stairs, and Nether Brick Stairs were added in the Adventure Update.
  • Previously, Wooden Stairs would not burn, but as of Beta 1.6, Wooden Stairs and Fences have become flammable.
  • Placing 6 Mossy Stone Brick or 6 Cracked Stone Brick in a crafting box will only make Stone Brick Stairs not Mossy/Cracked Stone Brick Stairs
  • As of version 1.2, stairs can be placed upside-down, to form an arch-like stair design.
  • As of Snapshot 12w21a sandstone stairs are added but currently do not have a crafting recipe.