Zombie: Survival is a new game-mode that Lakerkb25 is planning for the server. It's based off of the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombie mode, Nazi Zombies. It is going to feature the two main maps of the actual Call of Duty Zombies, which would be Kino Der Toten and "Five." There are two modes; Building Survival, and Survival.


A zombie from Call of Duty.

Game Modes

Building Survival

In this mode, you cant actuallty hurt the zombies, you must build barriers and small structures to defend against zombies. If you hit a zombie your kicked from the game, but you can use traps and redstone mechanisms. You cant use the main maps, you must use a special plain-land map named Dead Ops.


In this mode, you have to survive against zombies by buying heals and going to new areas in the map. You must buy weapons and armor also.


Kino Der Toten

Kino Der Toten (Cinema of the Dead in German) is a map in a abandoned German theatre. It features several rooms. They are the screening room, the lobby, Samantha's Room, and the Concession Stand. The Concession Stand features buyable Diamond Weapons and Armor.


Five is set in the Pentagon during a zombie attack. There is a War Room, filled with screens, a lab with the Zombie Spawner, and a perk that allows you infinite life.